Chokromonath is a village in Habigonj. There was a Pakistani army camp at nearby Saystagonj. From there troop used to attack this village very frequently, especially to rape women. Villagers were extremely exhausted, at last, they took the decision to protest with whatever they had. Such a day a small group of Army came to the village, tortured women of a Hindu house. All the villagers came out with the stick, plow and started to chase them. One young man, Ajit Chakraborty- student of class ten was in front of the protesters. At a point, Pakistan army started firing on the villagers. Young Ajit was killed on spot.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Mohammed Johor Ali (65) Sri Togor Chakroborty ( 70) Ashu Dutta ( 62)
  • Age: 65
  • Address: Village: Chakromonath, Hobigonj
  • Interview Date: 8th January 2018