After the Chatak cement factory war at end of October a defense was created by the freedom-fighters in Pandab village of Islampur union. Some of the freedom-fighters of Banshtala sub -sectors were from Papa Company and a few were from the third Bengal regiment. Pakistani army’s bunker was in Hadatila, two km from Pandab village. The freedom-fighter were trying to get hold of Hadatila which was a prison for captivated Bengali women and the Pakistanis were trying to break the defense of the freedom-fighters.

During the fight most of the villegers fled village in search of safe place. In the first week of November, with suggestion of the Razakars the Pakistani army bluffed. At the dawn the Razakars entered the village through a free village and called out slogan- Joy Bangla! (Long Live Bangladesh), the Pakistani army followed them. The leader of the freedom-fighters thought that perhaps a group of same as them from the Banshtola headquarter has arrived. When the groups were close to each other, the mistake was clear but it was too late by then. Nevertheless, the freedom-fighters in order to self-defense started fighting.

After Chatak was freed on the 6 of December, the villagers discovered dead bodies of the freedom-fighter scattered all over. The bodies were mutilated and were food for the jackal and dogs. Even though the villagers were able to get the 18 corps together, they think that the number of death is more than this. The sage of Pandab village Mr. Sultanullah arranged the burial of the dead freedom-fighters in a full religious ceremony and directed his son Arash Ali to bury him beside the freedom-fighters after his death. Standing beside the graves Arash Ali and the villegers who are witness of that day described us the whole incident. Besides that, one eye witness of the day Abdul Masabbir described standing beside the bunker in Hadatila what abominable sexual torture the Pakistanis did with the captivated Bengali women.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Arosh Ali
  • Age: 70
  • Address: Vill- Pandob, Islampur, Chattak
  • Interview Date: 28th January 2017
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