Dampara, a village of Nikli Upazilla of Kishoreganj. The Sutradhar community of Hindu religion lives in this village.

Making boats was their profession by family tradition. In the month of Ashwin in 1971, a troop of Pakistan army surrounded the village along with the Rajakars. They arrested all the men of the village and took them to Nikli Police Station. There were 36 men and four teenagers. The army tied up and tortured all of them after taking them to the police station. Then they killed all the men in the cremation ground on that night. They let the four teenagers go but did not return the dead bodies of those 36 men and floated the bodies on the river.
Only the women and the children remained in the whole village. The women who had lost their husband, father of brother became the victim of mental and physical torture.

That brutal massacre and the later incidents have been portrayed in the testimony of four women of Dampara village.

    Witness Info
  • Name: Shovarani Shutradhar Age 85, Bhanumoti Shutradhar Age 75, Bedana Shutradhar Age 57, Promila Shutradhar Age 65
  • Age: 85
  • Address: Dampara, Nikli, Kishorgonj
  • Interview Date: 27 Feb 2019